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Family Medicine Doctor in El Paso

There are a couple of factors you should consider when choosing a doctor. You’ll want to visit a doctor with expertise in general practice as they can treat patients of any age. You will also want to choose a doctor that is up to date with current practices and interacts well with patients coming from all backgrounds. By choosing a doctor with these qualifications, they can conduct careful and meticulous examinations of your health and conditions. With detailed examinations, Carol N Abalihi MD can come up with a medical treatment plan specified for your needs. Dr. Abalihi has all the qualifications you wish to see in a medical professional!

Family Medical Services of All Kinds

Carol N Abalihi MD is certified in tending to several diagnostic and surgical procedures such as allergies, flu shots, sprains, broken bones, short-term illnesses, lab services, annual health evaluations, diabetes, high blood pressure, obstetrics, women’s health services, and preventive care. Whatever health condition you or your family may be confronting, our team can assure you that we are quick and qualified to bring you the treatment and medicine you need.

Taking Your Medical Needs Seriously

By working with Carol N Abalihi MD, you can expect that we will treat your medical concerns with the same importance and consideration that we apply to various other conditions. Whether you’re coming in to help your child fight a cold or if you are in need of managing chronic conditions, Dr. Abalihi will bring you in to be examined in no time. You’ll also come to find that our medical team is unlike any other, as we also specialize in preventive methods to lessen your trips in seeing a family medicine doctor.

CNA MD Family Medicine Doctor

Get Started with Our Family Medical Doctor

There are some clinics that are limited and do not accept certain payment plans, but by visiting our family medicine doctor, this is one less problem for you! Because our team under Carol N Abalihi MD makes it a goal to be as accommodating as possible, we are able to file and successfully process your health insurance information to keep you covered. The medical services at military bases are significant for taking a rather long time just to see patients, so Carol N Abalihi MD also invites veterans to receive medical care at a time-efficient pace. Contact Dr. Abalihi today to work with the best family medicine doctor!

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