Meet Carol N Abalihi MD

About Carol N Abalihi MD Your Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics Care Provider

Since being established in 2009, Carol N Abalihi MD has been proudly providing medical care to patients all across the city of El Paso. Prior to relocating to El Paso, Dr. Abalihi had a medical practice in the New Jersey area for a little over a decade. With her years of experience, you and your loved ones don’t have to think twice about visiting CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics for any medical concerns you might be facing!

Carol N Abalihi MD : Efficient and Responsive

Carol N Abalihi MD strives to respond to your calls and medical needs as quickly as possible. We understand how inconvenient it can be to have to wait weeks, or even months, simply to have a doctor take a deeper look into your health. For this reason, we make it our goal to set your appointment on the same day you call us! It is important to be able to fight infections and catch potential medical problems early on, as they can become more detrimental as time passes. With this in mind, you can trust Carol N Abalihi MD with all your medical woes! 

Treating Patients of All Kinds: Children, Adults, and Veterans Alike!

Not only is Carol N Abalihi MD inclined to serving patients of all ages, but she is also well aware that there is a growing population of veterans in the El Paso area that requires immediate medical attention. Carol N Abalihi MD proudly works with Veterans Affairs to authorize and insert military-affiliated patient information into the system at a quick pace. This allows us to treat and meet with these individuals as soon as possible!

Carol N Abalihi MD medical room

Meeting Your Comfort

Unlike most other medical professionals, Carol N Abalihi MD is primarily driven by being able to accommodate patients for the sake of their own comfort. CNA Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics offers in-house lab testing and preventive procedures. This way, our patients won’t have to commute all across the city. 

Get Started with Carol N Abalihi MD , Today!

Because CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics is a smaller and more intimate organization, we are able to meet patients with more time and attention. Whatever the case may be, Carol N Abalihi MD will find a solution for you! Contact CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics today to learn more about our services.

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