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Diabetes Center - Treating Diabetes One Day At a Time

The goal of managing diabetes is to keep your glucose levels as near as possible to normal by balancing the types and amount of food intake with the help of medication and physical activity. The diabetes center that we have at CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics is more than capable to help you take control of your life! From hypertensive crises to high cholesterol, Carol N Abalihi MD is here to advise you with a meal plan, an exercise proposal, and prescriptions to keep your diabetic diagnosis from worsening over time. If your diabetes goes untreated, you are at risk of developing complications such as heart disease, nerve damage, blindness, and even amputations. Carol N Abalihi MD wants to initiate treatment plans to impede the growth of your diabetes today.

Classifying Diabetes Diagnoses

Diabetes can be classified into three main categories: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes syndrome. There are other types of the condition such as neonatal diabetes and maturity-onset diabetes of the younger population.

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Treatment for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are practically the same, exception that type 1 diabetes calls for lifelong injections of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is treated with alternative diabetic medications.

CNA MD Diabetes Management

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women. If a woman is not getting the exercise and healthy food she requires, then insulin may be necessary.

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Because CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics is a smaller and more intimate organization of medical employees, we are able to meet patients with more time and attention. Whatever the case may be, Carol N Abalihi MD is quick to ensure that we can find a solution for you! Contact CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics today to learn more about our services!

Neonatal Diabetes

Neonatal diabetes occurs in the first six months of an infant’s life and is treated with a drug called glibenclamide.

Maturity Onset Diabetes

Maturity-onset diabetes is caused by mutations in a dominant gene disrupting insulin production. Just like gestational diabetes, these two diagnoses could require insulin injections if milder forms of medication are not effective enough.

How You May Benefit From a Diabetes Management Plan

Diabetes management should be practiced regularly by everyone because we all benefit from it! Even if you do not suffer from diabetes, treating yourself with nutritious food and just enough exercise can decrease your chances of gaining the condition. Some individuals are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes as it can pass through generations of family members. Diabetes management is beyond encouraged for diabetic patients; it is necessary if one wants to continue leading a life free of severe pain and suffering.

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Here at CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics, we have a diabetes center designed to help you find a management plan for your specific diagnosis. Carol N Abalihi MD accepts appointments and walk-ins, so don’t hesitate in contacting us today!

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