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At CNA Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics, we are available for walk-ins and appointments, but we can also meet you in the comfort of your home! With Carol N Abalihi MD’S house call provider services, you don’t have to worry about having to wash up, getting dressed and making a trip to the clinic. By allowing us to treat you in your home, we can gain a better understanding of your world and how you function. Believe it or not, these factors do play a part in how we take care of your diagnoses and medical problems. Carol N Abalihi MD’s additional care support is credited with enhancing the quality of life for patients of all kinds!

Why You Should Consider Contacting a House Call Provider

You might be wondering if house call providers have other responsibilities or how they go about meeting patients in their homes. We’ve provided some commonly asked questions with the answers you’ve been looking for!

How do patients reach their house call provider?

Our house care providers are available by phone 24/7 and can be seen in person during our clinic hours. If calls during after hours are directed to answering service, it will automatically connect with a provider. After hour calls are usually occupied for emergencies and urgent matters.

How often does the house care provider visit?

The amount of time that your house care provider meets you in your home depends on your needs. This is usually determined when our medical team has patients meet with their provider on the first visit. However, when you are in need of urgent care, our providers will meet you as soon as possible.

CNA MD House call provider

What if lab work or similar services need to be done?

If it is absolutely needed, phlebotomy, X-rays, urine samples can be done in your home. Labs are done by our medical team of nurses, so you won’t have to worry about having to reach a third medical party.

Is changing pharmacies necessary when being supplied with a house call provider?

Patients are typically enabled to stay with their primary pharmacist. With an increasing demand for house call providers, some pharmacies now deliver to homes and facilities. If you need medications to commute to you, a pharmacist change might be needed.

First-Hand Access to Medical Care

Studies show that two out of three elderly Americans have more than one chronic condition. With many health problems to take care of. The older and disabled population tend to have the most trouble with getting around and here at cna Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics, we completely understand that. Contact Carol N Abalihi MD to make receiving medical care so much more beneficial for you!

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