Protecting Your Body with Our Wound Care Management

Protect Your Body with Our Wound Care Management

Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics offers wound care management services to patients in the El Paso region. Whether your wound opening is chronic or acute, our team is here to provide you with the help of wound therapy, injections, and compassionate care! 

Some of the conditions and wounds we treat include:

  • Tissue infections
  • Arterial or venous insufficiency
  • Burns
  • Pressure sores
  • Surgical wounds
  • Snake and spider bites
  • Open abscesses 
  • Any open wound that fails to heal on its own

Wound Care Management is Our Priority

If you suffer from chronic conditions, taking care of your wounds is essential. Patients who suffer from diabetes, ostomy or fistula complications, or high-risk wounds are more at risk when it comes to foot and skin ulcers and immunosuppression. These health risks can lead to trauma, amputations, and long periods of hospitalization. 

We highly encourage you to stop by for the wound care management you need to prevent any health problems. At Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics, we make use of the latest technology to not only treat the wound but also to target the root and cause of the wound. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the most commonly used and effective form of treatment for openings and incisions made to the skin. This system works to ensure proper circulation of oxygen throughout the patient’s body as oxygen is necessary to help the wound heal. 

Negative pressure wound therapy uses negative pressure in a vacuum-assisted closure to remove edema fluid through suction. This helps increase the blood flow to the wound to close the opening and reduces the chances of bacteria entering.

We also offer grafting for acute, chronic, or nonhealing wounds. This process involves cleaning the wound and carefully spreading a graft over the area. The graft is then held in place using a well-padded dressing, staples, or stitches.

Wound Care Management

Consultations and Treatment Plans Available

Before treating your wound, we will take a closer look by reviewing your medical history and general health. You can expect to undergo tests that help our medical providers gain more insight in regards to your blood flow and tissue oxygenation. 

Once these exams are conducted, our team at Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics will develop a treatment plan based on your special needs. You can also count on our medical team to provide you with home care, dressing and undressing precaution, and other tips to further protect yourself.

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Don’t wait for your wound to heal on its own, because the chances are it could be life-threatening if not treated accordingly. Contact Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics today to receive the medical attention you need!

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