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Internal medicine is the medical specialty of applying scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Carol N Abalihi MD specializes the care for adults by being compassionate and creating a meaningful relationship with patients! The training that internal medicine calls for is quite demanding, therefore, Carol N Abalihi MD is an internal medicine doctor you can trust to handle your health issues, no matter how rare, simple, or complex they might be. 

Why It’s Important to Regularly See Your Doctor

You don’t need to visit an internal medicine doctor every week, but it is in your best interest to meet with a medical professional at least every couple of months. Whether you are sick or not, your doctor can meet with you on a regular basis in order to establish any potential health risks, all while becoming more familiar with your body and how it functions. Along with your doctor, you’ll be able to comprise a plan to keep your health in the best shape possible. Carol N Abalihi MD is eager to meet with you to not only catch any problems early on but also to mold a strong patient and doctor relationship!

Make an Appointment As Soon as Possible

Here at CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics, we are well aware of how important internal medicine is and the time it requires to analyze adult diseases. Because of this, Carol N Abalihi MD strives to schedule an appointment with you on the same day you contact us! If you find it impossible to be able to come into our office on the same day, there is no need to worry as we can work around your schedule.

CNA MD Internal Medicine Doctor

Reliable Medical Services for the Whole Family

Carol N Abalihi MD also takes it upon herself to provide medical services that serve you and your family’s needs. From infants to the elderly, CNA Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics provides wellness and physical exams, immunizations, laboratory tests, X-rays, and so much more!

Visit Our Internal Medicine Doctor Today!

Finding an internal medicine doctor that can suit your needs has been made easier as Carol N Abalihi is certified all across the El Paso area and New Mexico. With our new office, you’ll be more than satisfied with the medical attention we are able to serve. Our treatment plans are beyond the best you’ll find, so don’t wait to tend to your health. Contact cna Adult Primary Care and Pediatrics to make a healthy difference in your life!

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