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If you’re in need of hormone replacement therapy in the El Paso area, then Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics can help! Hormone replacement therapy (HRT, for short) is used to help rebalance estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone around the time that women experience menopause and when men begin to age. 

Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics provides the replacement of hormones through pellet therapy. Keep reading to learn more about how HRT through pellet therapy can benefit your life!

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Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions, Answered!

We are well aware that most people are a bit unfamiliar with hormone replacement and pellet therapy. So, in order to clear up any misconceptions, we’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • Can both men and women take HRT? The answer is a resounding yes! HRT can definitely resolve low testosterone and estrogen levels. Increasing hormone levels can help men and women restore and produce new blood cells, reproduction, and libido. Osteoporosis and bone loss can also be improved for both.


  • What is pellet therapy? We offer hormone replacement therapy in the form of subcutaneous pellets, which are made up of Estradiol and Testosterone pellets. These pellets are inserted during an in-office visit after testing is done to determine the exact quantity of the hormones each patient requires. Every dose is custom-created based on your test to ensure that your body has the exact concentration of bioidentical hormones you need.


  • What are bioidentical hormones? Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the body and what sets them apart is that they do not have to be custom-compounded (mixed with different compounds). Many of these bioidentical hormones are FDA-approved and tested to be commercially available from retail pharmacies.

  • Who should avoid hormone replacement therapy and pellet therapy? If you find that you do not suffer from symptoms of menopause, aging, or declination of testosterone it would be best to not make use of this procedure. If you are diagnosed with heart disease, have a history of blood clots, or have breast cancer, HRT is not recommended.

  • When do I know it’s time to attempt hormone replacement therapy? Several factors come into play when determining if you should begin HRT. Testosterone and estrogen levels begin to decline after the age of 40. Not only is your age a major factor but if you have had a hysterectomy, a doctor will indicate if it is too soon or just the right time.


  • Is it worth it? The benefits of HRT can outweigh the potential pain and discomfort by large. Those who have used this form of therapy have reported increases in energy, a reduction in hot flashes, a revived sex drive, improved mental focus, and a decrease in fatigue. Muscle strength and performance may also accelerate.

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When you visit Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics, Carol N Abalihi MD will assess the symptoms you have been enduring and suggest healthy choices you can arrange prior to taking HRT. You can expect to hear about exercise and eating habits as these factors could reduce levels of pain. If lifestyle changes aren’t enough, then we can take it another step further with HRT pellet therapy. 

Our team has the training and experience required to properly provide HRT pellet therapy to those in need. In fact, we’re the only office currently certified in HRT pellet therapy in El Paso!

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Hormone Replacement Therapy in el paso
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