Immigration Exams in El Paso

Immigration exams are crucial in the lives of many current and future El Pasoans. These exams are an essential step in immigrating to the United States. If you need an immigration exam or medical physical for citizenship, Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics can help.

Immigration Exams: What To Expect

We initiate the immigration exam with a medical physical. The physical consists of looking at the eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart lungs, lymph nodes, and skin. The exam is conducted with the addition of an X-ray and a blood test requirement. These body parts and functions are typical for doctors to check. If any critical conditions are present, they will be noticeable and quick to catch during the physical.

TB Testing

Tuberculosis is known for being a challenging disease to treat and control and, as a result, we are qualified to carry out TB testing during an immigration exam. By conducting a TB test, our medical providers can detect if applicants will need further evaluation for pulmonary tuberculosis disease, ensure that the diagnosed are properly treated, and thus reduce the risk of tuberculosis among the U.S. population.

Mental Health Evaluation

The Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics team takes further precautions with the immigration exam by evaluating mental health. If a doctor reveals a severe diagnosis of a mental problem, this could play a major part in determining your admissibility. Admissibility requires considering whether or not existing mental health disorders could be harmful or pose a threat to citizens.

CNA MD Immigration Exams

Preparing for Your Immigration Exam

Immigration exams don’t come cheap and you can never be too prepared, as the costs vary. On average, immigrant applicants spend anywhere from $100 to a little over $400 for the immigration exam. 

Besides costs, one must consider taking care of an immigration exam at a time that will meet your residency application deadline. Medical immigration exams are good for up to one year, so it would be in your best interest to reach out to Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics to schedule your exam as soon as possible!

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Whether you’re planning on traveling abroad or you require a medical exam for your immigration process, we can help. Contact Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics today. With our help, your transition into the United States will be an efficient and healthy experience!

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