The Importance of Wellness Visits for Children

A pediatric doctor holding a stethoscope up to a child in a blue shirt in El Paso.

If you have a child, then you are no stranger to doctor visits. But what should you do if it’s time for a wellness visit despite your child being in good health? We will discuss how important it is to take your child to a pediatric doctor for simple check-ups.

At CNA Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics, located in El Paso, TX, we accept children and adults of all ages. Our pediatric doctors will make sure your child is in great health and is developing at a normal pace. If you want to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (915) 225-4470 or contact us online today!

Reasons to Have a Wellness Visit

We understand life can be chaotic when you have a young child, and it might be tempting to skip that routine check-up if your child is perfectly fine. It’s important to understand that despite your child being in good health, they should still go see their El Paso pediatric doctor. Read below for a list of reasons why routine wellness visits to your family pediatric doctor are important. 

  • They can track your child’s growth.
    • Before babies get to two years old, they need as many as ten wellness visits. After 2, they need to have a routine check-up once a year until they turn 21. 
    • At each visit, the pediatric doctor will record your child’s weight and height. They will compare these measurements to your previous visit as well as a growth chart for a child their age to make sure they’re growing properly. 
  • They can monitor their development.
    • A common discussion during your child’s appointments will be developmental milestones. This includes social behaviors, emotional health, and physical traits. 
    • Regular visits will help your pediatric doctor spot any irregularities or concerns. 
  • They can educate your child on a healthy lifestyle.
    • When your child reaches a certain age, your pediatric doctor can help educate them on living a healthy lifestyle. This will also act as a preventative for any future health concerns. 
    • Conversations about this will usually consist of diet, exercise, injury prevention, and sleep habits. 
  • They’ll issue preventative care.
    • Much like technology, there are frequent changes in medicine, which makes it important to keep up with your child’s routine wellness visits. 
    • Following the appropriate guidelines will keep you up to date on all immunizations and screenings. 
  • You can establish a team approach.
    • As you keep up with regular visits, you and your child can establish a great relationship with your pediatric doctor. A working relationship with the doctor will prove to be a great aid for your child’s health. 
    • This approach can help your pediatric doctor understand your child’s medical history better and help you navigate through your child’s life experiences. 

Pediatric Doctors in El Paso

If it’s time to schedule your child’s annual wellness check-up, Adult Primary Care in El Paso can help. We offer walk-in appointments as well as months-ahead bookings. If you want your child to be in good hands, our pediatric doctors are the ones to trust. Call (915) 225-4470 to make an appointment.

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