The Role of Pediatric Doctors in Early Intervention for Developmental Delays

A doctor using a stethoscope on a child in a yellow shirt in El Paso.

Do you have a child who is having trouble in school or other social settings? Are you worried there might be something deeper going on with their developmental health? Here, we will discuss how important it is for a child to be checked for developmental delays by a pediatric doctor. 

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Benefits of Early Intervention

If you are worried your child may be experiencing developmental delays, an El Paso pediatric doctor will be one of the first people to identify the issue. Monitoring important milestones is an easy way to see how your child is developing. If a child is not reaching a certain milestone by a specific age, there may be something to look into. 

If certain milestones aren’t met, it could mean there is a developmental delay or disability with your child. Some disabilities that could be the cause of the delays are speech or language impairment, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), intellectual disabilities, emotional disturbance, or hearing impairment/loss. If you’d like to know the benefits of early intervention by pediatric doctors, read below. 

  • More Positive Outcomes- Children who receive early intervention receive more positive outcomes in several areas of development, including social, cognitive, and emotional. Early intervention from a pediatric doctor in El Paso can also help your child prepare for school and even achieve a high academic performance. In a more long-term sense, it can also help them prepare for the independence of adulthood. 
  • Helps Their Potential- Early intervention can help detect developmental delays or disabilities. By catching these issues during the most receptive time in a child’s life, the pediatric doctor can help promote healthy brain development, enhance their learning abilities, and become more interactive in their environments. 
  • Brings Support to Families- Early intervention can greatly help a child, but it also brings support to the family. The child’s parents and siblings can go through similar education and training to better understand what the child is going through and how they can help them. These programs can also greatly help the mental health and stress of the caregivers. 

We’ve mentioned services or programs that your child can go through to help with their development. Depending on what kind of needs your child requires will depend on what the pediatric doctor recommends. Common services include medical/nursing services, developmental screening, education or training, and therapy. 

Pediatric Doctors in El Paso

Adult Primary Care, located in El Paso, TX, has a great team of pediatric doctors who are ready to help with early intervention of your child. We take great pride in the patients we assist and can guarantee your child will be in great hands. For more information, call (915) 225-4470 today!

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