5 Signs You May Require Testosterone Therapy

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As we age, certain bodily functions and processes tend to slow down as well. This is normal, but certain issues shouldn’t just be attributed to old age. Issues such as low libido, decreased bone density, and even worsening sleep could all be potential side effects of low testosterone. Testosterone naturally decreases by about 1 percent each year once a man reaches his 30s or 40s, but excessive testosterone loss can lead to a host of health issues. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it may be time to discuss testosterone therapy with a medical professional. 

1) Loss of Motivation/Desire

Low testosterone can have a major effect on your overall mood. People with low testosterone have been reported to have problems with depression, inexplicable mood swings, and an inability to focus. 

2) Reduced Muscle Mass

Do your muscles seem to shrink, even though you’ve had a steady exercise routine? It may be low testosterone. 

3) Sleep Problems

It seems like everyone in the U.S has some sort of sleeping issue. In fact, up to 70 million Americans may have some sort of sleep disorder. One cause may be low testosterone, which can lead to sleeping irregularities and even sleep apnea. 

4) Increase in Body Fat 

You may have something to blame for that “dad bod” after all. Studies show that low testosterone can lead to the body storing fat more than normal, which isn’t good news for your health or your favorite jeans. 

5) Low Sex Drive

Are you less than motivated to have fun in the bedroom? That also may be a result of low testosterone. If you want to get back to your wild side, consider professional testosterone therapy. 

CNA Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics Can Get You On Track

If these or any other symptoms of low testosterone pop-up in your life, then contact CNA Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics today! We can get you back on track, so you can worry about what’s important in your life.

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