House Call Providers: Providing a Remedy for Soaring Healthcare Demands

an elderly man talking with his house care provider

Going out of your way to make doctor visits, pay for medical care, and seek the medical attention you need is rarely a completely feasible task. Health-abiding obligations can place what seems like a never-ending dent on your time and finances. If you’re in this situation, then working with a house call provider may be beneficial.

House call providers have been around for almost as long as medicine, but it hasn’t been until recent times that their demand has risen in popularly. These individuals are a promising antidote for skyrocketing health care costs and they are especially particular for senior patients and those suffering from chronic conditions and disabilities. With a house call provider in your home, you’ll find that taking up your medical needs will become easier and less of a burden. House call providers have proven to be the new innovation that can help consumers take care of their health. Let’s touch on how a house call provider can make your health obligations efficient and advantageous for you. 

Patients Save Time and Money In and Outside of Home

Approximately five percent of Medicare recipients account for fifty percent of the agency’s costs for their complex and expensive health care. One major factor that contributes to this calamity is that this percent of patients have a rather difficult time leaving their homes to meet with doctors and urgent care providers end up in the emergency room when things seriously go wrong. 

A large percentage of health care reformers believe that house call providers could be the saving grace for both patients and health care providers. Most of these patients with multiple or severe cases of chronic diseases spend the majority of their time trying to coordinate patchwork for a healthcare delivery system that only results in inefficiency. Thus leaving patients with little time to take care of other duties and enjoy all aspects of their lives. It is vital to address the challenges of caring for patients with chronic diseases by better integrating their care. This can be achieved by implementing house call providers in their lives. House call providers can make a large difference when it comes to managing a patient’s condition and medications. 

All-Encompassing Help

Did you know, house call providers were not only intended to provide primary care for the chronically ill within their homes? These professionals have worked with many clients as a test to indicate whether home-based care could reduce the need for hospitalization, improve both patient and caregiver satisfaction, and most importantly, reduce costs. According to recent studies, house call providers have helped Medicare save more than $1.8 million in additional health expenses. With revisions of the methodology of house call providers, calculations of savings can significantly increase. 

House Call Providers Prove to Be Influential Figures in the Medical Field 

Since the foundation of house call providers, thousands of house calls have been made and thousands of patients are seen within their homes for the necessary treatment. Although most clients who utilize house call providers tend to be of the senior citizen population, twenty percent of these patients are below the age of 65. 

Patients who rely on house call providers make up a third of fewer return trips to the hospital within thirty days of release as opposed to the general Medicare population. The demand for house call provider services and in-home primary care as a whole is expected to grow as elderly populations are increasing. The system of house call providers has hundreds of patients placed on a waiting list to be granted an in-home care provider. More medical centers are doing everything they can to ensure the availability of house call providers, especially to those who are in dire need.  

Patient Safety is of the Utmost Concern for House Call Providers

The home-based model of health care does not go without barriers nor safety regulations. Administrators that manage the distribution of house call providers ensure that liability and legitimacy concerns are met just as much as efficiency and costs for patients. Funding for these calls relies on community grants, fundraising, and hospice services in order to help cover the additional costs that accompany long visits and travel time. 

The model in which house call providers base their work and daily functions are value-based: providers are paid based on outcomes and as long as patients are kept healthy and safe. A home-care curriculum is also slowly being worked upon and improved for the sake of house call providers’ knowledge. Although this type of care and medical care work is not heavily exposed, house call providers are granted specialized training to emit the best work and home-care possible. 

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