What You Should Know About Weight Loss

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The journey of losing weight on your own takes a good amount of mental, emotional, and physical strength. Losing the desired weight can also be extremely tiresome, sometimes discouraging you from getting up and being active. With a doctor by your side, however, you won’t just receive the typical “eat less junk” or “cut back on calories” spiel. At CNA Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics, we delve into what you should do for weight loss as well as why our recommendations have healthy outcomes. Carol N Abalihi MD only wants what’s best for you, so let’s break down what this advice means.

Getting Down to A Healthy Weight

Every medical professional is well aware of the correct weight people should strive for, especially those who are under or overweight. The desirable weight we should be at is determined by our age, height, and the rate at which we grow. For a medical professional, getting down to a healthy weight means reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, or any health problems related to weight.

Drop One to Two Pounds a Week

In the journey of weight loss, it’s often suggested to drop at least one–and at most two–pounds a week. A pound of fat is equivalent to thirty-five hundred calories. So in order to lose a pound within a week, five hundred calories need to be burned each day.

Do Away With Junk Food

When you think of junk food, you’re prone to imagine salty chips, soda, and candy. Altering this state of mind is key in doing away with junk. Foods that are low in nutrition and painfully high in calories are the ones you should avoid. This includes any jellies, jams, and sauces you would think wouldn’t cause any harm. You don’t have to stop all splurges, you just have to cut back on helpless and unnecessary calories.

Get First-Hand Care With Us

At CNA Adult Primary Care & Pediatrics, Carol N Abalihi MD aspires to walk you through your journey to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Contact our practice today to learn more about how Dr. Abalihi can help you fight potential health problems!

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