How Poor Water and Air Quality Affect Our Health

As humans, we need water and air to survive. It’s no surprise, then, that our world’s water supply and atmospheric conditions play a vital role in our health. This is why people all across the country are working together to make eco-friendly choices for a cleaner, healthier future. It may seem like an uphill battle,

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woman in her kitchen slicing up vegetables for a salad

What You Should Know About Weight Loss

The journey of losing weight on your own takes a good amount of mental, emotional, and physical strength. Losing the desired weight can also be extremely tiresome, sometimes discouraging you from getting up and being active. With a doctor by your side, however, you won’t just receive the typical “eat less junk” or “cut back

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Woman with gauze bandage wrapped around her hand

A Bit About the Different Types of Open Wounds

Most children and adults are quick to resort to giving their open wounds a light wash and go on with their day. But did you know, open wounds can be extremely detrimental to your health if they are not given proper medical attention and treatment? Even seemingly minor open wounds can lead to amputations, life-threatening

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5 Signs You May Require Testosterone Therapy

As we age, certain bodily functions and processes tend to slow down as well. This is normal, but certain issues shouldn’t just be attributed to old age. Issues such as low libido, decreased bone density, and even worsening sleep could all be potential side effects of low testosterone. Testosterone naturally decreases by about 1 percent

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